Regardless of what discipline or at what level you ride, there is no denying the connection between humans, horses, and nature. As each part builds off of the other, it is vital that the highest level of care, materials, and respect is given to all. This connection inspired us to replace traditional materials used in the equestrian industry with sustainable alternatives wherever possible, without compromising performance or style so that all parts can thrive.

To clear the air (no pun intended), we realize there are many contrasting views and opinions on what sustainability is or isn’t. While we’ve proven four-legged unicorns do exist, we’re still searching for a unicorn product, that is an entirely sustainable, 100% green product. All raw materials including our own require some natural resource to generate. We view sustainability as a scale, angling it as far as possible towards the sustainable side and are continually looking for ways to improve. This means sourcing responsibly, choosing sustainable or recycled materials, and being thoughtful about our everyday options such as shipping methods, paper consumption, and travel.

Our promise

Oaklyn is committed to producing products suited for the rigors of the equestrian sport while minimizing our environmental impact, so future riders can enjoy the sport as we have.

Our outlook

We don’t take our environmental impact lightly, so we are continuously looking for new fibers, materials, and sustainable ways to improve our supply chain.

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