Girths inspired by the love of horses and the ground they gallop on.

Our Story

Growing up, I was always an avid equestrian and took every opportunity to ride, be around horses and work outside. This passion has influenced every decision that I made throughout my career and my life. I am an Environmental Scientist, mother, outdoorswoman, and co-founder of Oaklyn. Oaklyn was founded in 2018 after I decided to combine my passion for sustainability with my love of all things equestrian to reinvent an equestrian product I used daily: the fleece girth. I needed help to achieve this, so I solicited a co-founder. Enter Laura Santomauro, an active equestrian, MBA graduate, a fellow outdoorswoman, and the occasional over analyzer (oh, and she also happens to be my twin sister, who I like to tease). After overcoming many challenges, Laura and I are proud to have reinvented our favorite all-purpose fleece girth that is crafted to perform, provide comfort, to maximize use while minimizing environmental impact, and to look fabulous in the process. We decided to start small and focused, ensuring our girths are produced to our standards and in line with our vision. As a team of two, we are excited and working hard to bring more products to our brand. We hope you enjoy our take on the fleece girth and never forget the positive ways horses impact our lives and the powerful connection we share.

Emily Barrett

Equestrian tack made of sustainably-sourced and recycled materials for minimal environmental impact.