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    For a limited time, we’ve partnered with The Peeps Foundation to support their cause by donating $15 per Peeps Girth sold. The Peeps Foundation is dedicated to rescuing minis with special needs and giving them a forever home. Read more about The Peeps Foundation here.

    The Peeps Girth has the same quality characteristics as our Terra Girths but comes with a pink cork tag embossed with The Peeps Foundation’s logo, Peeps herself.

    This listing is for the VERY limited White Fancy Stitch Girth with the bright pink buckles and cork tag. They’re only available in sizes 48-52.

    • Assembled in the USA
    • Eco- and animal-friendly

    Since a portion of proceeds are being donated per girth, coupons cannot be applied. Please allow 3-5 days handling time prior to shipping. Thanks!

    recycled materials equestrian supply shop

    For an English All-Purpose – To ensure you order the correct girth size for your horse, it’s essential to correctly measure the size of the girth you need. To do so:

    1. Place your saddle and any pads (i.e. saddle pads, half pads, risers, etc.) you regularly use on your horse.
    2. Then, find soft, flexible measuring tape or a piece of rope (bailing twine works!). Have a friend hold one end of the measuring tape up to the second or third billet hole of your saddle while you reach under and grab the other end of the tape and extend it up to the second or third billet hole on your side. Make sure the tape or rope is flat against and in line with your girth placement (not too tight).
    3. Now, notate the inches on your measuring tape or tie a knot in the rope you used and measure the length. This is the size girth you will need. You want to have at least two billet holes available above and at least one billet hole available below the buckles to move to if required.

    The webbing spine is 100% recycled polyester. The wool liner is 50% virgin wool and 50% recycled polyester.

    Approximately 15 plastic bottles per girth are diverted from the waste stream.

    To extend the life of your girth, proper care is important and we recommend that you follow our care instructions and tips provided below.

    Wipe down the spine as needed or hose off with cold water and hang to dry. We recommend letting the fleece liner dry out, then brushing it out between rides (remember it is a wool blend!). Brushing your fleece liner does a great job at keeping it looking fresh each ride. When the fleece liner finally needs washing, separate it from the webbing, machine wash cold with mild detergent and tumble dry on low heat or lay flat to dry. Gently brush the fleece liner with a wire bristled brush to restore it to its original fluff and you’re back in business.

    Responsibly Sourced Wool Horse Tack
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